3D printing data formats stl, step, obj

Where can I get an STL file?

Many CAD programs offer the option of saving your data as an STL file (.stl). There are also many options that influence the quality of the .stl file, such as the density value.

This affects the number of triangles created. A further value is the angular tolerance, which changes the small details of your file. The smaller these changes are, the more triangles are generated in order to display your model. This guarantees a higher-quality model, but also creates a large size file.
For highly detailed models, the file size should be between 1 MB and 5 MB. It is best to export your file as an STL binary file. In order to have a 3D model printed, .stl files must be fully closed (watertight) polygon net objects.

Consult the handbook or contact the manufacturer of your software for further information or assistance. If we discover that your .stl file is not suitable for production, we will get in touch with you.