3D printing from rubber-like PolyJet photopolymers

With the PolyJet-photopolymer material you can imitate rubber with different degrees of hardness, elongation and tensile strength. Gray, black, white and translucent, rubber-like material allow you to simulate a wide range of end products, for example soft handles and even shoes.
The rubber-like materials of the Tango family have a wide range of elastomeric properties, including a hardness grade on the Shore scale of A, hardness scale A, breaking elongation and tear and tensile strength.

Rubber-like material is, among other things, useful for many modelling applications:

  • Models for exhibitions and presentations
  • Rubber sheathing and over mouldings
  • Soft coatings and non-slip surfaces for tools or prototypes.
  • Buttons, grips, pulling devices, handles, seals, hoses, and shoes