1989 Founding of Beta LAYOUT

Foundation of Beta LAYOUT as GbR. Business purpose is the creation of layouts.

1994 Founding of PCB-POOL®

Realisation of the idea of achieving drastic cost reductions for PCB prototypes by sharing setup costs.

1996 Beta LAYOUT GmbH

Change of Beta LAYOUT GbR to LAYOUT GmbH with Arne Hofmann as exclusive shareholder and managing director. The goal of the enterprise is the layout and selling of printed circuit boards as well as services for the electronics/printed circuit board industry.

1997 Beta LAYOUT Ltd.

Establishment of Beta LAYOUT Ltd. in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland and later in the Shannon Free Zone, Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. Business purpose is CAM support for Germany as well as the marketing of PCB-POOL® in Ireland and the UK.

1998 Beta BOARD GmbH

Establishment of a fast turnaround PCB manufacturing service. The two main goals of the fast turnaround service were 1. to establish access to an exclusive supplier for the time-critical PCB-POOL® panels and 2. to put into practice findings made by Beta BOARD GmbH in the area of multi panel manufacture in order to further improve working relations with our manufacturers.

1999 Partnership with Conrad Electronic Germany

In 1999 following the promotion of the PCB-POOL® Printed Circuit Board Service in the Conrad catalogue, a PCB-POOL® online order system was launched on the Conrad homepage.

2000 Beta BOARD GmbH Site II

Extension of Beta BOARD GmbH in the former premises of Elmetic Leiterplatten GmbH in Pfungstadt, Germany.

2009 Anniversary, removal and investments in new technology

This year we have 3 new reasons to celebrate: Beta LAYOUT celebrates its 20th anniversary, the successful PCB POOL® is 15 years old and our co-operation with Conrad has been inspiring customers for 10 years.

Last but not least, many thanks to mayor Udo Scheliga without who's initiative we could not have expanded the two companies beta LAYOUT GmbH and beta BOARD GmbH in Aarbergen.
Beta LAYOUT GmbH starts off 2009 in bright and spacious new premises.
The complete overhaul of a former lock-making-plant to the new PCB manufacturing plant Nr.3 for beta BOARD GmbH is complete and will take up production from all departments in January.

Investments in new plants and machines have made it possible to offer new technologies and even faster delivery times. The management prefers not to reveal too much detail all in one go, expect plenty of PCB POOL® news this year "as it happens".


The extremely successful & innovative PCB-POOL® concept is now available to customers in South Africa. The customer-friendly concept of online price calculation and ordering is ready to go. 20 local staff in sales and production now bring to 125 the number of workers employed in this entrepreneurial group. As well as three locations in Germany, a site in Ireland and various sales offices in Europe and the USA, this latest venture underlines the international orientation of the company.

2010 Beta BOARD GmbH Plant III

Our assembly department starts operations.
Printed circuit board prototypes and small series from our production department can now be assembled with THT and SMT components.

2011 Beta LAYOUT USA

Our company further expanded its presence in the North American market with the takeover of Sprig Circuits Inc. in Vacaville, California, and the foundation of Beta LAYOUT USA.

2012 Beta PROTOTYPES – new online shop

With the new product range, Beta LAYOUT offers a low-cost platform for Rapid Prototyping
to designers, design engineers, developers, and all those who have good ideas.

2013 Beta BOARD GmbH expansion production plant III

Expanding our production plant III with another office building has freed up additional space for our fast growing assembly service as well as providing the much needed space for our electronics-shop eSTORE.

2014 25 Years Beta LAYOUT!

This year’s anniversary is marked by increasing sales and customer figures, thanks to our successful PCB-POOL® and the extensive product range on offer including SMD-stencils, front panels and 3D-Print.

2016 3D-MID

We now offer a new, future-oriented technology: 3D-MID, three-dimensional PCBs.
By combining our two successful offerings, the production and component placement of PCB prototypes and the manufacture of 3D printing, we can realise the complete 3D-MID in our facilities without any external services.

2017 3D-MID Workshops

For the first time Beta LAYOUT organises workshops relating to the development of three-dimensional circuit carriers.

2018 Website relaunch

Beta LAYOUT launches a new website with all services now under one convenient domain www.beta-layout.com

2018 Faster delivery times

Delivery times for PCBs, assembly, 3D prints and Front panels are now greatly reduced.

2018 Bonus System

An additional bonus system was introduced for loyal customers.

2019 30 years Beta LAYOUT!

We are celebrating 30 years of Beta LAYOUT with stable turnover and customer numbers and the further expansion of our business areas.

2020 Merger of production facilities

The production process of our PCBs were optimised by merging the production facilities in Pfungstadt and Aarbergen.

2020 CO₂ compensation of PCB-POOL® printed circuit boards

We start a CO₂ compensation of our PCB-POOL® production, whereby customers can also take over sponsorships for trees.

2021 Kitting Service

Our new kitting service enables customers to order PCBs directly together with the matching components, saving time and reducing costs.

2021 Layout Service

We introduce a PCB layout service that enables developers, layouters and engineering companies to develop their PCB layouts quickly and cost-effectively.

2022 PCB assembly investments

We continue to invest in the machinery of our growing PCB assembly.

2023 New machinery in PCB production

The PCB production machinery will be expanded through the acquisition of additional, new machines.