With this package of the Home Office SMD Kit you will be able to continue your prototype production at home.

It contains everything you need to manufacture SMD assemblies.
The kit consists of an ESD workstation set, a Reflow-Kit V3 Pro as well as a practical mixing spatula for solder pastes, so that your fingers stay clean.

The ESD workstation set consists of:

- ESD Table Top Mat
- Cord for ESD Table Top Mat
- ESD Wrist Strap
- Cord for ESD Wrist Strap
- Earth Safe Plug

The Reflow-Kit V3 PRO consists of:

- Reflow Controller V3 PRO
- Temperature sensor
- Power cable
- USB cable
- 1 oven
- Printed circuit board with embedded LXMS31ACNA-009 Murata UHF RFID chip
- Suitable stencil
- 9-volt battery
- Components
- 100 g solder paste
- 1 squeegee
- 1 spatula
- 1 tweezer
- Magnetic workbench for small SMD stencils
- 4 permanent magnets
- 1 magnetic foil plate to cut to size
- 1 distance plate 0.6 mm
In addition: The soldering results can be tested immediately with the including SMD-Cube Construction Kit.

1 Mixing spatula for solder pastes

More information about Reflow-Kit V3 PRO

We do not claim that it offers perfect industrial quality for soldering. However, it is a very affordable tool for solving some of the major problems when manufacturing SMD modules. Furthermore it stands out from other methods as it also offers quick and very high-quality soldering results.

Through applying the soldering paste with the aid of the laser-cut stencil (free of charge with your PCB-POOL® Prototype order) you will achieve precise metering and positioning of the paste.

The included magnetic workbench enables you to apply solder paste to several printed circuit boards in succession without having to realign the SMD stencil.

The Reflow Controller V3 PRO controls the oven according to the pre-set temperature profile. You can follow the soldering process directly on the display: the temperature, corresponding soldering phase and any error messages are displayed.

The controller enables you to make necessary parameter changes directly via the control panel. You can also create and save further temperature profiles for various solder pastes and components.

Technical Data

Technical data of the controller:

Temperature sensor with cable and connector
(is placed in the oven together with the printed circuit board)
Fuse: 8A-T
Maximum load: 1,500 W (connected oven)
Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Only for use in dry areas

Technical data of the oven:

Product name: Severin TO 2045
Capacity: 20 l
Grid size: 28 x 28 cm
External dimensions: W 43 cm, H 28 cm, D 38 cm
Connection: 220 V
Warranty: 2-year manufacturer warranty

- Temperature controller (infinitely variable)
- 4-step switch
- Timer (max. 60 min.)
- Reflector plate
The device meets the EC Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC.

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