The Mini Oven gives you the possibilty of achieving a perfect, almost industry-quality soldering.

After board assembly you can solder Surface Mount Devices in the pre-heated oven. Through the uniform heating of board and solder paste you can achieve good soldering results.

It must be pointed out however that the oven alone is not able to run temperature profiles.

To run temperature profiles, we recommend to use the Beta Reflow Kit CONTROLLER.
It comes with an external Temperature Sensor and has a Teach-In-Function to get calibrated to any connected oven!
It then controls your solder-oven, so that the professional temperature profiles (preheat, soak, reflow...) can be run and optimal soldering results can be achieved. You can even programm your own temerature profiles by connecting the CONTROLLER via serial interface with your computer.

Brand: Severin  TO 2045
Capacity: 20l
Oven Tray Dimensions: 280 mm x 280 mm
Connection: 220V
Guarantee: 2 years


- variable thermostat
- 4 settings
- Timer (max.60min)
- Reflector Tray

4 Setting Switch :
- Both elements off
- Top element on
- Top and Bottom elements on
- Bottom element on

The REFLOW OVEN conforms to EU guidelines
89/336/EWG and 73/23/EWG.

(Controller not included!)
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