This set combines our magnetic workbench for small SMD stencils as well as a squeegee and a box of Stencil Clean in one package.

The magnetic workbench allows problem-free application of solderpaste onto an SMD array. The SMD stencil is held in place on a magnetic hinge and you can fix the PCB in position using the tailor-made flexible magnetic strips.

Maximum PCB dimensions: 160 mm x 270 mm
PCB thickness: 1 mm or 1.6 mm

- SMD stencil workbench (in magnetic Vanadium)
- 4 permanent magnets
- 1 slab of flexible magnetic strip (which can be cut to measure)
- 1x 0.6 mm spacer
- 1 squeegee
- 1 cleaning wipes box „Stencil Clean“

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