Innovative solution for intelligent hand soldering.
With the soldering station i-CON 1, ERSA has developed a soldering station that meets the demands of the higher working temperatures and smaller process window of the lead-free soldering procedures. The extremely small, light, ergonomic and powerful soldering iron ERSA i-Tool provides a significant contribution to improved quality, productivity and an enormous reduction in operating costs. Of course the i-CON 1 is anti-static.
Innovative technology, the highlights at a glance:
- ERSA i-Tool soldering iron with 150 W micro
high-performance heating element
- 'One Touch' easy-to-use operation of the software
with online help and convenient menu navigation by i-Op
menu selection. Large multi-function display.
- The calibration data of the i-Tool are saved
on the printed circuit board in the handle of the soldering iron. The
calibration independent of the control station
allows a central calibration of all the i-Tools.
- Automatic standby sensor in the i-Tool soldering iron detects
the rest phase and reduces the temperature after the
preselected standby time to the preselected standby
- Three energy power levels are available, which
control the heating element depending on the heat required.
At the maximum setting the system provides
the maximum power of 150 W, at the lowest the
power is strictly controlled and overshooting is
- The process window informs the user visually if
the temperature departs from the preselected value.

- Using the i-Set Tool option additional soldering stations
of the i-CON series can be automatically configured and locked.
One can easily and quickly download the station settings,
just like a USB pen drive, from an i-CON onto the i-Set Tool
and loaded onto another station in 5 s.

The soldering station consists of an electronic station, an ERSA i-Tool soldering iron with a chisel-shaped ERSADUR long-life soldering tip 0102CDLF16 and a holder with a metal-wool dry sponge.

Type of control uses i-TRONIC control
Antistatic Yes
Nominal voltage 230 V
Secondary voltage 24 V
Power rating of control station 80 W
Power rating of soldering iron 150 W
Temperature range 150 °C - 450 °C
Preheating time 9 sec.
Station soldering iron Soldering iron ERSA i-Tool
Weight without power cord (iron) approx. 30 g
Tip alloy ERSADUR LF
Soldering tip type (iron) 0102CDLF16
Soldering tip series ERSA soldering tip series
Standby Yes
Locking mechanism Yes
Calibration Electronic
Iron holder Tool holder
RoHS RoHS-compliant
Item number: RK-10481
Availability: on request
EAN: 4003008085976
MPN: 0IC1100A
Gross: 620.79 EUR
Net: 504.71 EUR

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