Small and powerful! - The soldering station ERSA i-CON nano with the i-Tool nano soldering iron has a footprint of just 145 mm x 80 mm

The youngest member of the i-CON product family, the i-CON nano meets all requirements of today's industrial manufacturing while taking up a minimum amount of space. It is designed for continuous operation in electronics manufacturing and also for special applications in the laboratory and development field, and is anti-static to MIL-SPEC/ESA.

The i-CON nano's simple operating concept allows the user to take the tool that comes with the factory settings and adjust the operating temperature and set the stand-by time and a calibration value. Using the free PC software and an optional micro SD memory card, further setting options such as fixed temperatures, energy level, interlock and shutdown functions are available. The overall technological concept of the i-CON nano ensures that the optimal parameters are used for each application. Hence the i-CON nano represents maximum process stability and quality control, while also offering low investment costs and operation expenses. The automatic stand-by and shutdown function ensure energy savings and a longer tip lifetime.

The i-CON nano comes with the i-Tool nano. This ultra-light and powerful soldering iron uses exactly the same excellent heating technology as its larger sibling - the Ersa i-Tool. A wide range of cost-effective durable soldering tips are available for both of these.

Type of control using i-TRONIC control
Antistatic Yes
Nominal voltage 230 V
Secondary voltage 16.5 V
Power rating of control station max. 80 W
Power rating of soldering iron max. 80 W
Temperature range 150 °C - 450 °C
Preheating time approx. 9 s
Station soldering iron Soldering iron i-Tool nano
Weight without power cord 30 g
Tip alloy ERSADUR LF
Soldering tip type (iron) 0102CDLF16

Soldering tip series ERSA soldering tip series 0102
Standby Yes
Locking mechanism Yes
Calibration Yes
Shaft holder Tool holder

RoHS RoHS compliant
Item number: RK-10479
Availability: immediately
EAN: 4003008088076
MPN: 0IC1200A
Gross: 375.89 EUR
Net: 305.60 EUR

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