The i-CON pico is the ideal soldering station for users who expect professional quality results. It offers the beginner all the functions that are also valued in industrial manufacturing, such as very fast heat-up and heat recovery, stand-by function and calibration mode. Using the software and an optional micro SD card further settings are available to increase the operational reliability. A wide range of standard soldering tips of the series 102 is available for the i-Tool pico.
The i-CON pico can be combined with the mini solder bath i-Solder-Pot which is available in our shop.
Caution: this only applies to mini solder baths that require a heating element.

Type of control uses i-TRONIC control
Antistatic no
Nominal voltage 230 V
Secondary voltage 16.5 V
Power rating of control station max. 80 W
Power rating of soldering iron max. 80 W
Temperature range 150 °C - 450 °C
Preheating time approx. 9 sec
Station soldering iron Soldering iron i-Tool pico
Weight without power cord (iron) 30 g
Tip alloy ERSADUR LF
Soldering tip type (iron) 0102CDLF16

Soldering tip series ERSA soldering tip series 0102
Standby Yes
Calibration Yes
Iron holder Tool holder 0A53
RoHS RoHS-compliant
Item number: RK-10480
Availability: immediately
EAN: 4003008089288
MPN: 0IC1300
Gross: 282.19 EUR
Net: 229.42 EUR

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