Topic: V2 vs V3

V2 vs V3
I have searched around but could not find an exact answer.

what is the technical difference between V2 and V3 of Reflow controller?

is there any more capabilities or storage or precision with V3?

V3 has LCD >> easy read outs
V3 has keypad >> more control
V3 has USB >> can connect to PC easier.

now none of the above actually interests me so much. I will connect a 7 inch tablet with terminal emulator running on this with serial port in any way. (I have a spare)
16/06/2014 09:57:47
V2 vs V3
Hi Frank,

You already mentioned the three main advantages, but there are two other advantages that should be mentioned:
a better Design and a much more stable housing.

Your PCB-POOL (R) Service Team
16/06/2014 11:07:21
PCB-POOL (R)  Service Team