Topic: PIPS?

My PCB board is 9/16" in diameter and I was informed that the boards will be supplied on pips. What is a pip? Does this mean the board is cut leaving four small legs that will need to be manually trimmed to release the small diameter PCB from the panel?
Thank you
31/08/2011 20:37:48
Mike Waggoner
Hi Mike,
One of rules in Pcb-Pool is that all boards less than 0.78"(20mm) must be held on pips.
This is due to difficulties we have routing small boards. We attach the boards on a bar using 1 pip which is 0.04" wide. See the attached .jpg file.

Hope this answers you query.
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Your Pcb-Pool Team
01/09/2011 08:16:38
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team