Topic: Holes Through Copper Pour

Holes Through Copper Pour

I have a double sided board with a copper pour area on the topside. I want to mount a through hole component on the top side with the legs soldered onto this copper pour area. I do not want any solder on the underside as the PCB sits on an insulating layer which could be pierced by the solder.

I therefore want to holes in the copper pour area with no gap between the copper and the hole. Also I want the hole to be unplated.

To do this in Eagle I have to turn off the copper/dimension check under the Distance tab in the DRC.

If I submit and Eagle board file to PCB pool will this acheive the desired result? If not is there another way to do this?

04/10/2012 12:28:02
Re: Holes Through Copper Pour
This should be no problem. But you need to inform us as to which holes you require Non Plated.
So when you are placing your order add a note as a special requirment. Some as follows should suffice.
"The holes for Component Nr .... must be Non Plated"
We will see this note and then we will drill these holes when we are routing the boards.
You can also add a note to ask Seamus before manufacturing.

If you have any more questions please give me a call
Best Regards
Seamus Noonan
04/10/2012 13:14:49
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team