Topic: Ordering Process and Times to Delivery

Ordering Process and Times to Delivery
Can you please explain the ordering process and flow to delivery.
I.E. If I place an order at 9am on a monday for a 1 day process and next day delivery. When would the order be acknowledged. When would the order be processed (first working day) and when would shipping be arranged?
Is there a cut-out time for placing an order for processing the same day? Newbury Electronics used to have a 9am cut-off time and any orders placed before that time would be processed the same day, after this time it would be starting the following day. This would be of great help in an urgent order I placed today to see when we can expect the delivery.
06/10/2011 10:45:24
Re: Ordering Process and Times to Delivery
Hi Tony,
If you want to order in our 1 day service then you must submit your order before 8.30am. You will then get a confirmation as soon as the order is processed which should be before the 8.30am cutoff time.
The finished boards will then be shipped to you that evening and you should receive shipment the following morning.
The cutoff time for all other Pcb-Pool orders is 10.30am.

Best Regards
Your Pcb-Pool Team
17/10/2011 07:49:27
Beta LAYOUT Ltd Service Team