Screen with front panel:Free software for design

Design with free software

Design and develop your custom front panel quickly with our program and order your front panel online - directly from our software.

With a new added function within the front panel design software, you can add all the required eSTORE items directly to your front panel order.

Accessories for front panels in the eSTORE

Various accessories in the eSTORE

In our eSTORE, the focus is on you as a designer and developer. Here you will find everything you need for your front panel: from the cable gland to the combination housing.

Save time, shipping costs and nerves - order everything from Beta LAYOUT.

Colour fan: choice of many colours

Extensive offer

We have 14 different material options available in various colours such as black and white acrylic and white powder coated aluminium for your front panel design. We also offer digital and UV printing as well as laser engraving and machining options such as inserting threaded studs and threaded bushings.

Produced for you in only 1 working day!

Order in Target 3001! - all from one source

Here we show you how to quickly and easily design your front panel, place the required accessories in your front panel design and order all items at once directly from Beta LAYOUT.

The video shows how to design a front panel with accessories in TARGET 3001! in the Beta LAYOUT front panel designer.

The video shows how to create the outline of the front panel and the import of a dxfs into TARGET 3001.

The video shows the setting of milling figures; studs, standoffs and engraved lettering for a front panel in TARGET 3001.

The video shows how to trim lines, how to dock an object and place a logo and how to calculate and order the front panel via the front panel designer from Beta LAYOUT.

Beta LAYOUT - The one-stop shop for your prototypes

Housing with front panels, screws; Sockets, cable glands, LEDs, etc.

Variable combination housing

In our eSTORE you can select various combinable housings, so you can determine the height of your device. All enclosures include 4 x M3 countersunk head screws to secure your front panel to the housings.

Versatile front panel accessories available in the eSTORE

For every housing combination you will find a suitable template for your front panel in the FREE front panel design software.< In our eSTORE, the focus is on you as a designer and developer. Our product range extends from the cable feedthrough to the USB socket. Save time, shipping costs and nerves.

Be creative with UV and digital printing

With the help of our free design software you can refine your custom enclosure with an attractive front panel. Choose from various materials ranging from powder-coated aluminum to acrylic and avail of different printing and engraving processes.