SERIE XXS without Positionprint

February 2004: Positionprint in SERIEXXS ?
The following options are now available:
Posi: singlesided TOP (Price inclusive)
Posi: doublesided TOP + BOT (Price 17 EUR)
Posi: WITHOUT (no discount)

A remark to "Posi WITHOUT":
You did not edit the Positionprint-Layer in your PCB-Software? You did not create the correct values and moved each designator to the correct place? Of course then your positionprint will not look very fine on the produced PCB and you should have the option: POSI: WITHOUT!

Why no price reduction when chosen "Posi:WITHOUT"?
Your PCBs remain in the same POOL, together with other PCBs which will get a positionprint. So the complete panel is undertaken the production process "Legendprinting". Unfortunatly this way, there is no price reduction we could forward to you.