Try Magic PCB ® NOW – FOR FREE!

November 2012: … and WIN a corresponding UHF Reader/Writer System!!

Upon request we will equip your overdelivery with an embedded RFID-Chip at no charge.

- You can use your overdelivered PCB with the embedded chip in a normal way
- There is no restriction in function of this PCB
- We will not alter the layout or damage the PCB
- The embedded chip will only be visable when you hold your PCB against the light

This option will soon be available not only for the extra circuit board delivered, but also for the full quantity of PCBs ordered.

You can find additional information here:
You can also buy the appropriate write-read system in our eSTORE.

Once the technical requirements are met you will not need to take any further action. Our technicians will install the chip at the appropriate location in your circuit board.

Simply select Overdelivery: - yes, as magic-PCB ® - embedded with free RFID chip