Free FITS-or-Not – FREE - how does that work?

November 2012: It's simple:
PCB-POOL® customers can now order printed 3D-prototypes of their assembled PCB at no charge.

Unbelievable but true:
Now, before PCB production even begins, you can test if the finished assembly fits into the housing.

First-class service at no extra cost!

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How do I get the 3D data?

With the new online tool: IDF-to-3D
Export IDF data from your Layout Software and upload it.

Map your components with 3D elements in our database.

Missing or special 3D components can be added (download from the internet or from the manufacturer) as STEP file.

Output of the generated 3D model as:

- 3D PDF format (for free!)
- Printed 3D-prototype
(free in conjunction with subsequent PCB-POOL® - Order within 14 days)
- STEP format

Details and a link to the tool:

What about EAGLE and 3D?

Forget detours via POV-Ray, EAGLE'up, Sketch'up and Co.!

We have written a ULP that generates IDF from EAGLE and transports them (see below) directly to our online IDF viewer.

Components from the original EAGLE library are automatically mapped to the appropriate 3D elements.

Download, try and be amazed: