Be part of our climate neutral PCB initiative program

February 2022: We are now offsetting the CO₂ generated by our PCBs manufactured in Germany. When you order a PCB from PCB-POOL® , you can make a voluntary contribution to our environmental projects and also receive your personal tree code to "plant yourself".

Global & local projects for our CO₂ offset
Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to produce a PCB without emitting CO₂. Until that happens, we directly offset the resulting amount of PCBs produced in PCB-POOL®. With the help of a study, we have calculated the CO₂ emissions per square metre of PCB and offset them through global and local tree planting.

Do you support this model?
Then join us and contribute to the environment as much as you like, 100% of which will be passed on directly without deductions. In this way, you support us in our current and future projects. From 10 euros, you will receive a personal tree code and can thus track the development of the planted tree by means of a tree diary and geolocation.

We are working with Treedom, an organisation that excels in transparency and not only plants trees around the world, but also sustainably strengthens local economies through social projects. In our PCB-POOL® forest, we have planted 570 trees so far, which will sequester carbon and provide livelihoods for people.

In the shopping cart, you have the opportunity to set the amount of your contribution and participate in the expansion of the PCB-POOL® forest.

In addition, with self-organised regional and supra-regional conservation projects, we face up to our responsibility to preserve our planet as a place worth living in for people, animals and plants. A characteristic feature of the Rheingau-Taunus district, the headquarters of Beta LAYOUT, is the high proportion of forest. However, extreme heat periods and bark beetle infestations are causing more and more bare forest areas there. In cooperation with HessenForst, our employees have sustainably reforested such areas and planted over 1,000 Douglas firs in the Aarbergen community forest last spring. Furthermore, we have installed nesting boxes for birds and bats on our buildings with the help of BUND e. V.. Further projects are in the planning stage.

Reforestation in Aarbergen in cooperation with HessenForst