We are testing Gerber/Drill interface

July 1998: Testing of the Gerber/Drill interface from ORCAD™ software is now under way in order to be able to accept *.MAX files in PCB-POOL® in the future. The company HOSCHAR was kind enough to make a copy of the software package LAYOUT PLUS available to us.

We process PROTEL(tm) PCB-Files directly

April 1998: Another new Data format for PCB-POOL®: PROTEL™. Customers can now send their *.PCB file to us. Many thanks to Dr. Heinrich Kunz from PROTEL EUROPE AG who made this possible and who made the software available to us.

We process Target Files directly

March 1998: In response to the many enquiries received from Target software users, we now recognise Target as an accepted software in PCB-POOL®. Herr Friedrich from the Target office is currently working on an extended Gerber driver for us and will also be working to perfect (and simplify) copper plane output.

Founding of Beta Board GmbH

March 1998: Founding of Beta BOARD GmbH. The purposes of this new venture are two fold: 1. to have our own supplier for time sensitive PCB-POOL® orders and 2. to research the area of multipanel manufacture with the aim of improving and optimising our supplier network.

Founding of Beta LAYOUT Ltd. Ireland

March 1997: Founding of Beta LAYOUT Ltd. in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. Our Irish office will supply CAM support to Beta Germany as well promote PCB-POOL® in Ireland, the UK and France.