November 2002: Delivery time of SerieXXS has been reduced from 15 working days to 10. This means the turnaround is 33.333333333% faster!

Everything remains different

September 2002: No need to worry! It's only a new term which has been introduced by our marketing department: fast turnaround premium is now called basic price factor. Prices have not been changed.

Have faith!

July 2002: "Have faith..." we thought to ourselves after we decided to launch our customer order evaluation service. We would like to underline that the graphics for this page are generated every night and show only the data from the ORIGINAL databank! That means that none of our customers' comments are "sweetened", left out or edited! Could there be any better way of finding out whether or not something is worth buying than by taking a look at the order evaluations of 10,000 customers? Take a look for yourself: customer evaluations

0.15mm (6mil) / 0.15mm (6mil)

June 2002: It has been accepted for a long time, but now it's official: the minimum required airgap for doublesided PCBs in PCB-POOL® (except Target-next-day-delivery) has been reduced from 0.2mm (8mil) to 0.15mm (6mil). Likewise, the minimum required track width has been reduced from 0.2mm (8mil) to 0.15mm (6mil).

Now on offer!

March 2002: Due to popular demand, we are now offering single sided boards in PCB-POOL®. For details on pricing, please see our homepage under "Prototypes".

New discount program

February 2002: Join in! Let us know how happy you are with your boards. Evaluate your delivery by its quality and punctuality. When you have entered 5 order evaluations, you receive a 10% discount on one item on your next order!

Now on offer!

November 2001: OK, so it's not that exciting ... but it's worth a mention! Silkscreen is now available in standard lead time in Multilayer Pool.

Fast-Turnaround in 2 and 3 days

October 2001: You need your printed circuit boards faster? We have extended our express service for double-sided prototypes to a 2 and 3-day service. Please note that the cut-off time for receipt of order + data for 2 & 3 day turnarounds is 08.30 am GMT!!