Rigid PCB assembled with SMD and THT components

General Information

We can perform the assembly on your PCB prototypes and "small series" (up to 50 pieces) with SMT and THT components starting with just one component and from one piece.

Generate a convenient online price quotation and order PCB manufacture and PCB assembly in a single operation for your prototype PCBs. 

Detailed information can be found in our assembly guide "Instructions for assembly".

Sorting PCBs in shipping department with fast delivery times

Lead time

We stock over 1000 components for PCB assembly, we also offer an expedited service in addition to the standard delivery time.

The sum of the components = the sum of the SMD and THT components x number of PCBs to be assembled.

The lead time for the assembly of your PCB is added to the production time of the PCB

Example: Production of the PCB in 2WD - service = 2 Working days.
PCB assembly with 300 components = 12 working days.
The total production time for the manufacture and assembly of the PCB is 14 working days.

Once all the necessary materials (components including the required quantities, PCBs and stencils) have arrived, the assembly of the PCBs can begin.
Detailed information regarding our PCB assembly service can be found below: “Technical parameters”.
SMD and THT components for PCB assembly


We process:

  • components supplied by you
  • additional purchased components

The components you supply must be:

  • noted in the Bill of Materials (BOM) in the field “Place_YES/NO”
  • in a dry condition (see IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D; IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1)
  • sufficiently labelled with component names listed in your Bill of Materials (BOM)

For components that need to be ordered, we require the following:

  • Supplier and order number
  • A machine-compatible production packaging
  • Distributors with on-line ordering option (shopping cart) and EURO as currency

The billing to your for the components takes place 1:1 to the currently published price of the manufacturer you selected with the appropriate order quantity. You will receive a detailed list of the individual items including the price shortly before we order for your approval.

We have a large number of components in stock for you at very reasonable prices. 

Our offer includes resistors, capacitors and diodes.

Download our component list and integrate our components into your design.

Assembly bom in excel sheet

Instructions on how to create the assembly data

In order to avoid errors and delays in the assembly, we need your BOM file and other files for the formats:

  • Target
  • Altium Designer
  • Fusion 360
  • KiCad
  • Extended Gerber

in a specific format.
Instructions on how to generate these files for your assembly can be found under specifications in the PCB assembly tab.


When selecting your components, check availability and lead times and that distributors have on-line ordering options (shopping cart) and EURO as a currency.

Please supply us with 20% more components (min. however 10) with the package 0603 or larger, and 100% more components with the package 0402 and 0201 (min. however 20). The required excess amounts must be present on the same section as the components actually required.

With high-value components, a larger excess amount (typically 1-2 pieces more) can be dispensed with if these components are supplied machine-compatible with the appropriate reel feed or in a rod or tray.

Please consider this point when selecting your distributor and the corresponding order numbers.
Often these distributors offer articles as bulk material as well as machine-compatible goods.

All components must be in moisture proof and ESD-compliant packaging. Of course, unused components will be returned to you. Suitable packaging material can be found in our eSTORE.

Errors in PCB layout

Please note: In the event of a PCB layout error, we cannot guarantee an error free assembly.
If we notice any errors, we will contact you immediately and if necessary invoice for any rework.


PCB assembly with MyData

Technical parameters

Quantities: Prototype and small series, 1 to 50 pieces
Dimensions of the PCBs: Boards with an edge length (one side) ≤ 20 mm are manufactured and delivered for reasons of quality assurance in a placement panel (board holder). There are no additional costs (land milling fee). If you order PCBs in self-created panels, these panels will not be separated.

At a thickness of 1.0 mm = max. size is 350 mm x 250 mm.

At a thickness of 1.6 mm = max. size is 350 mm x 300 mm.

The maximum size of a PCB with only THT components is 440 x 290 or 290 x 440 mm. 
Components: SMT and THT from size 0201 SOIC, PLCC, TSOP, QFP, BGA Diverse SM-exotic and SM - connectors
Assembly methods: one-sided and double-sided SMT (mechanically using the vapour phase method) THT (soldered manually or on a selective system)
Packaging of components Rods, reels, tape strips (required components incl. excess amount on a contiguous section), bulk material (please only in exceptional cases and only with a assembly of up to a maximum of 2 PCBs)
Maximum component size: 55 mm x 55 mm x 15 mm
Fine Pitch from 0.35 mm Minimum connection width 0.15 mm
Solder: Lead-free in accordance with DIN 32513, ISO, EN 29454, IPC 650
Data formats: At this time: EAGLE, TARGET3001!, Altium Designer, Fusion 360, KiCad and Extended Gerber, other formats upon request
Lead time: After complete provisioning of PCBs and components, we offer the following lead times:

• Order with ≤ 300 components: 2 WD*
* With 2 WD orders there can be:
• 300 components (SMD and THT) at the most, of which there can be max. 25 THT per order, not per ordered PCB

• Order with ≤ 499 components:12 WD Standard;
• 8 WD 40% extra charge
• 4 WD 100% extra charge

• Order with 500 - 999 components:14 WD Standard; 10 WD 40% extra charge, 8 WD 100% extra charge

• Order with ≥ 1000 components: 16 WD standard, no expedited service possible

For technical reasons, the PCBs for assembly are manufactured in panels. Identical PCBs, with no assembly are therefore supplied in panels.

If a component does not fit the intended footprint or no assembly can take place for other reasons, please understand that we have to continue the assembly order without this component.


Assembly of flexible printed circuit boards

Other technical parameters for flexible PCBs

The maximum number of flexible PCBs to be assembled is 10 pieces
Dimension of the flexible PCBs:
Maximal 150 mm x 250 mm
The maximum number of SMD components per PCB is 300 (i.e. with a maximum of 10 PCBs = 3000 components).
We cannot process THT components.
Assembly methods:
The component placement is only possible on one side.
Lead time:
From 1 to 499 components = 12 working days
From 500 to 999 components = 14 working days
From 1000 components = 16 working days
The lead time for the assembly of your flex PCB is added to the production time of the PCB.