RFID Service Center from data preparation to delivery

What is Magic-PCB®?

By embedding an UHF RFID Chip into the PCB the PCB itself becomes a passive RFID transponder (Magic-PCB®). Any further identification by means of imprinting, laser engraving or labelling will not be necessary. Data can be exchanged between an UHF RFID read - write module and the embedded chip without any problems. Depending on the desired range, an antenna can be connected to one of the outer layers.

How can every PCB become a Magic-PCB®?

The RFID modules are used and sealed-in during an early phase of the production panel. These steps are realized by the MAM Service Centre.
As PCB manufacturer you deliver your own panel to the MAM Service Centre.

The MAM Service Centre takes care of the rest involving the correct and precise embedding of the modules, the cleaning of the blind holes and the connection to the booster antenna.

The completely assembled production panel will immediately be delivered back to you so you can go proceed with your production.

UHF RFID Starter Kit

UHF RFID Starter Kit Basic V2

UHF RFID Kit for a quick introduction into this technology. The kit includes the following components:

1 x Write-read module with a USB port
1 x USB cable (to the PC)
1 x Antenna for medium/long range
1 x Antenna for short range
1 x Connecting cable antenna to the write-read module
1 x MAGIC PCB with an RFID chip embedded
4 x Mini PCB with an RFID chip (different ranges)
4 x 10 RFID chips for different antenna designs

The reader can bulk read up to 255 transponders.

The required software (WIN XP/Vista/7/8) is available for download on our website.

More information on the offer, UHF RFID Starter Kit Basic V2 can be found here.

RFID Reader Starter Kit