SMD stencils from Beta LAYOUT guarantee razor-sharp solder paste printing for the assembly of your PCB.

Load the data for your stencil directly into the configurator and you will receive a suggestion for the right SMD stencil with an instant price. In the Stencil Pool you benefit from favourable prices. You can also check the pads of your stencil in the online preview of our visualisation tool.

Finishes such as Nanoclear, electropolishing and Tension® complement our range and make the path to the perfect stencil easier for you.

Caliper: High precision with SMD Stencils

High precision

We have been producing SMD stencils and custom precision parts of the highest quality from stainless steel since 2000.

Our stencils and precision parts are produced using the state-of-the-art laser diode technology from LPKF.


Short delivery times

Receive your stencil in the shortest possible time
– with production times from just 1 working day!

Over 4,000 customers and a production   
of 50,000 stencils a year speaks for itself.

Woman with headset:Competent customer service

Competent service

Customer service is very important to us: We will always find a solution for you.

If you have any technical questions concerning the realisation of your stencil such as pad modification, aperture sizes etc. please do not hesitate to contact our team via phone or by

Paste stencil in POOL at favourable prices

Paste stencils

Affordable POOL-Stencil

Data format: Extended Gerber
Max. dimensions  270 x 210 mm - Max. 1500 Pads
Material thicknesses 75 µm to 200 µm
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Custom NON-POOL stencil

Data format: All common data formats
Max. dimensions 735 x 595 mm
Material thicknesses 50 µm to 300 µm
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Glue stencils

Glue stencils

Glue stencils are primarily used when SMD components are upside-down and soldered using a wave soldering technique.

Glue dots are positioned with a special glue stencil on the PCB, the components can then be placed and soldered.

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Step stencil

Step stencils

Step stencils enable solder paste to be printed on particular areas which require optimal paste application.

Step stencils are particularly useful when adjusting pad sizes/apertures is no longer satisfactory.

Step stencils can be produced upon request.

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