In order to ensure the quality of our stencils, we keep our equipment up-to-date. Integrated camera systems within the lasers cutting machines measure the location and the position of the cut pads. In addition, all stencils are checked with a “stencil checker”.
The stencils are produced in fully air-conditioned productions rooms in order to minimize temperature effects during production. 

We also can also offer special surface treatments such as electro-polishing or a NanoClear coating in addition to our standard treatment.
Cutting the paste stencils with laser


Our stencils are cut with lasers. The focusability and high energy density of the laser make it an indispensable tool for today's stencil production.

When it comes to stencil production we rely on machines from LPKF. We use the laser systems P 6060 and G 6080.

With a laser beam width of only about 25-30 µm and an accuracy of +/- 2 µm even the finest structures can be cut.
Brushing machine for deburring the templates

Brushed finished

Our stencils are, by default, brushed finished on both sides in order to remove burrs during cutting and residues from the cutting process.

We use a BM3/6 brushing machine from Otto Dilg GmbH.
LBKF Stencil Check for stencils

Stencil check

After production, the quality of our stencils are inspected using the LPKF ‘stencil checker’.

The stencils are scanned, and then a comparison is made against the respective production data, checks are performed which searches for any deviations from the production data.